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5 Tips and Tricks for Hair Growth

March 21, 2023

Healthy hair growth actually starts with your scalp! Your locks will thank you for using daily practices to promote healthy scalp, free from buildup and other root (no pun intended!) causes for lack of healthy growth.  The infographic on left shares 5 great tips for hair growth as shared by Abbie Cameron- a certified and trained Hair Loss and Scalp Specialist with the Medical Certification Association. As salon professionals, we couldn't agree with her more! As listed...

#1- Daily Scalp Massages. Use clean hands or a scalp massager. Your hair thrives off of blood and the oxygen in it. Massaging your scalp will stimulate blood flow, which stimulates natural, healthy hair growth. 

#2- Drink that water! This also helps with blood circulation and oxygen. Again- your hair growth thrives off of those two things. You should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water every day. 

#3- Shampoo twice. As we preach in the salon, the longest that you can go between shampoos, the better. BUT! When you do shampoo, do it twice, and be sure to only be scrubbing your scalp and not the length. The first shampoo will remove build-up and debris from environmental factors. The second wash is what actually cleans your scalp. Unless you've got an overload of product on your ends, do not shampoo them. Your hair is actually in the most fragile state when its wet- vigorous scrubbing will only cause unnecessary damage and breakage.

#4- Condition only from mid-lengths to ends. You should never apply conditioner to your scalp. Conditioners are meant to hydrate and 'trap in' moisture to dry hair. Applying this to the scalp will cause excessive oiliness and build-up.

#5- Turn down the heat. Your scalp is very sensitive- water on a high temperature setting will cause irritation. Irritation = closed hair follicles = more dryness.  We all love a good hot shower and the thought of a cold one is awful! If it helps, save the hair washing for the sink after a shower so you can use cooler water. 

As the experts say "shampoo for your scalp, condition for your hair".  If you need assistance creating a customized haircare regimen, our team of talented stylists are here for you and we have a wide array of products to choose from.

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