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evo designers and and chemists formulate products with the finest, globally-sourced ingredients and package them in stylish, palm-friendly containers that are bursting with personality- all to give people the results they strive for while adding more pleasure to their day.

You won't find unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; no imaginary technology, no myths, no gimmicks. all ingredients in evo formulations are active; nothing is added only to make claims on the label.


hair & beard care

Created by two dutch barbers, Reuzel is a nod to the vanishing craft of classic barbering. Products reminiscent of the era and standards of old-school barber shops. 


keratin smoothing treatment

With the palette of Cezanne, you'll enjoy a smoother, frizz-free canvas while restoring natural shine and making hair healthy and more manageable—all without toxic chemicals. Cezanne lasts for months and changes the hair without the damaging effects of formaldehyde, an ingredient in other smoothing and straightening treatments.   

FarmHouse Fresh


With FarmHouse Fresh, you'll find skincare products grown and crafted with delicious epicurean flair, that are either certified organic or use up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients -- all chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms, including their own! Charming glass bottles to pots of complexion perfecting goodness, each product is lovingly crafted and packaged for that special someone who will enjoy it.

Morgan Taylor


This line of professional nail lacquer was created by two nail technicians. Morgan Taylor's creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from the classical to avant-garde, and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular.


gel polish

This Soak-Off Gel Polish revolutionized the industry. Gelish applies like polish and cures in just minutes under a lamp. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 - 15 minutes.